Under Pressure



Pressure cooking used to be a thing done more regularly but for some reason, we’ve (That royal – all of us US Citizens “we”) gotten out of the practice. Might have something to do with them exploding as a common practice. Might have something to do with the lure of how easy fast food and TV Dinners are. Who knows?  Either way, the introduction of the Electric Pressure Cooker has renewed an interest in the style of cooking and I am one of the masses that joined the crowds.

I talked someone into gifting it to me a year ago and like many, it sat for a bit before I finally started playing with it. This is my log of things I’ve made and my thoughts on each of those processes. The first thing I ever made was ribs. Because that was the Youtube video that convinced me I “needed” one. Then I ventured onto other things slowly and it’s only been the past few months that it entered into the regular use rotation. I’m good at remembering at 5:45pm that someone should start thinking about what’s being made for dinner. When that fails, you go out to eat right? Wrong! This pot changed that and here’s a few ways I was able to do it. I’m moving it out of my Facebook album into a more public setting so others can benefit through my successes and failures. And because I miss writing. Hope you enjoy!